Etude House x Loacker Collection

Makeup has gotten sweeter with Etude House's latest collaboration with Loacker. Yup, you heard it right, it's the wafer snack!

Etude House x Loacker collection comes in a range of eyeshadow palettes, blusher and lip tint. The Play Color Eyes Mini palette are formulated with crisp, moist and wafer texture felt under the fingertips. The sweet combination of light blur matte texture resembling wafer biscuit and moist jelly glitter that feels like cream. Also the neutral flavor of wafers allows you to create soft sweet eye makeup catering to your preference. But the best part is having the whole eyeshadow palette encased in  Loacker wafer packaging, as though you literally have wafers in your hand. 

As for the Sweet Layer Blusher, it also has a crisp and airy texture like wafers, making it feel light and easy on the skin. And you can easily build up the blush with no powdery flakes too. Lastly the Etude House x Loacker collection also includes two different shades of Sweet Layer Tint. This is a wafer tint with Loacker's sweet flavor, spreading soft sweet fragrance as if you are being charged with sugar. 

The Etude House x Loacker collection will be available at all Etude's official platform from March 1 onwards, @Etude Official Online Store
Etude House x Loacker Collection  Etude House x Loacker Collection Reviewed by Editor S on March 14, 2022 Rating: 5

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