The Lunar New Year Feast @ Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriott KL

As the Lunar New Year approaches, that reunion dinner tradition is definitely inevitable. The Shanghai restaurant at JW Marriott KL, may be what your looking for to usher in the Year of Pig with classic Shanghainese cuisine prepared by none other than Executive Chef Wong Wing Yuek, serving only the best and most authentic dishes from his native city.

The Lunar New Year menu created by Chef Wong and his team comes with an interesting variety of Yee Sang which are accompanied by delicacies such as lobster, geoduck, abalone, jellyfish, salmon or for a refreshing twist, opt for fresh fruits and also a vegetarian ham option.

As for the main course, Shanghai has three auspicious set menus to offer. Starting from MYR 288.80 per person, you get to luxuriate your palates of their specialties such as Braised Superior Fish Maw Soup with Sea Cucumber, Bird's Nest, Mushrooms and Shredded Chicken, Steamed Cod stuffed with Chinese Ham served with Honey and Supreme Stock Paste, Chinese Ham and Mushrooms, and everyone's favourite Braised Spanish Pork with Pine Nuts and many more...

There's also an ala carte menu with  Chef's specialties which include Steamed Chicken with Chinese Herbs, Wolfberries and Red Dates, Shanghainese Family Hot Pot with Assorted Dried Seafood, Braised Abalone with Superior Fish Maw, Spanish Pork Wrapped in Bamboo Leaves, Deep-fried Bean Curd stuffed with French Goose Liver and Truffle Paste and Deep-fried Crispy Glutinous Rice Cake with Yam.

The Shanghai restaurant's Lunar New Year menu is served from 5 January until 19 February 2019, available for lunch and dinner. For more info and reservations visit @JWMarriottKL
The Lunar New Year Feast @ Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriott KL The Lunar New Year Feast @ Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriott KL Reviewed by Editor S on January 16, 2019 Rating: 5

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