Jo Malone's Bronze Wood & Leather Cologne Intense

This January JM has added a new fragrance to its Cologne Intense collection, Bronze Wood & Leather. The new fragrance evokes the scent of sultry leather encased in a medley of woods. What makes this so interesting isn't just the fact that it has the scent of leather but also enlivened with vibrant juniper topped with fresh grapefruit and finished with a mysterious twist of vetiver, making it slightly woodsy yet fresh drydown that lasts all day.

Bronze Wood & Leather warms and intensifies other fragrances with soft and smoky woods and addictive leather. Hence you can layer it with the following scent to create a unique scent that suits your mood and style. Combine with Wood Sage & Sea Salt for a fresh woody fragrance with warming vetiver and guaiacwood enlivened with fresh sea salt. Combine with Myrrh & Tonka to get an oriental, woody scent, enriched with deep, resinous myrrh and warmed with cashmere wood. Lastly combine it with Pomegranate Noir for a warm, intense combined fragrance, sensual with patchouli and guaiacwood, deepened with leather. This interesting blend product is oddly refreshing.
available from January 2019. For more info visit @JoMalones.

Jo Malone's Bronze Wood & Leather Cologne Intense Jo Malone's Bronze Wood & Leather Cologne Intense Reviewed by Editor S on January 17, 2019 Rating: 5

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