5 Quick Makeup Tips for Zoom Meetings #MCO 2.0

You may have great skin and fantastic hair but a little touch of makeup would definitely amp up your game face for all these video meetings that will certainly take place in the coming months. So lest get camera ready with less is more. Ahead are 5 essential quick makeup tips and tricks for you to look put together for the Work From Anywhere moments.. 

1. Prep like a pro
We all know that makeup doesn't stay on dehydrated skin. So spare the time to carefully moisturize your skin before putting on foundation but if you are really in a rush , then slap on primer. Trust me it will make a huge difference in making your foundation stay while looking glowy. 

2. A Red Lips
Forget eye makeup, powder or even bronzer. Just get yourself some Red lipstick whether looking for a warm or cool tone, it will instantly brighten up your look with that pop of red. And why not, dab a little of that lipstick on your cheeks and viola, rosy cheeks and a sexy lips fuss free all day long. 

3. Glossy Lips
Not a fan of bright red lips, fret not. You can put on some nude lipstick and layer it with glossy lipgloss to have the perfect your-lips-but-better lip color. However, we do not recommend liquid lipstick in this especially when it's matte and rich in pigment as the lip color might settle into the crack of your lips- making it look messy cracked . Go with something like a tinted balm or dewy lipstick. 

4. Feathering Eyebrows
Feathered eyebrows with hairs defined and brushed up softly is the new beauty hack that can make a huge impact to your overall look. Trust me, try covering one eyebrow up with concealer while have the other eyebrow filled in to perfectly arched brows and you'll see the difference. 

5. Glowy Highlights
Adding liquid highlighter before foundation will give you that first layer of glow peeping through the foundation and concealer like it says I am born with radiant skin, not makeup. So dab a few dots of any kind of liquid highlighter on the high points and cheeks, then go with light foundation. This trick is essentially important if  you are wearing a mask all day long as those glowy cheekbones are the only things others can see.

For a great look always remember to just keep it simple and everything will fall in place... 

5 Quick Makeup Tips for Zoom Meetings #MCO 2.0 5 Quick Makeup Tips for Zoom Meetings #MCO 2.0 Reviewed by Editor S on December 29, 2020 Rating: 5

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