Check Out These Party Boxes @ Pullman KLCC

So here's a party option that may make social distanced festivities a little more fun, as chefs at Pullman KLCC have created various selections to order for your next event. With  six varieties of party classics you'll surely find something that suit everyone's palette. 

Japanese Sushi @ RM128 this box comes with hanna sushi, ebi pumpkin avocado, salmon mayo, sambal torch and glazed tuna nigiri. Chicken Snack Box @ RM 55 comes with a box of sesame barbeque chicken wing, handmade chicken nugget and chicken sausage. Pullman Club @ RM 45 the club box is perfect for office get togethers where finger sandwiches is a must. 

Sedap Fruits Tart @ RM 45 if you are stressed with what to get, then just get the dessert fruit tart box. Guests will go cray cray over the fresh flavors. Takoyaki Box @ RM 45 Another Japanese favorite, is packed with some unique selections. Flavourful Croissants @ RM 45 Warm freshly-baked croissants are finally a viable option for your dessert cravings and its colorful too. For  more on the menu and delivery options visit @PullmanKLCC

Check Out These Party Boxes @ Pullman KLCC Check Out These Party Boxes @ Pullman KLCC Reviewed by Editor S on November 30, 2020 Rating: 5

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