J Luxe Premium by Jovian

An exclusive upgrade to the new Raya’s credentials that gives an opulence twist and a distinctive style of sensibility has described the first debut collection of “J Luxe Premium” this season. While being one of the signature collections that have received so many loyalties and caused a stir over the years, the line of J Luxe has taken a  big step forward expanding  its range to a more refined approach  towards a real luxury level. 

An  irresistible  array  of  structured  peplums,  understated  beadings,  embellished  shoulder cape, patched embroideries, front-­‐beaded sequins, elaborated bell flares and mermaid silhouettes have become the undisputed must-­‐have detailing across this collection, showing a lot more character and finer look from each design.

“Jluxe Premium is catered to boost everyone’s wardrobe with its luxurious vibe for any kinds of occasion. This special and limited collection is made to make every woman feel beautiful and confident anywhere they go.” said Jovian Mandagie, the Chief Executive Officer/Creative Director of Jovian Apparel. 


This  collection  is  available  for  pre-­‐order  at  JStore  Shah  Alam,  Bangsar,  Bangi  and  Jovian’s 
online website at www.jovian.com.my/shop. Prices starts from RM899 to RM1,599. 

J Luxe Premium by Jovian J Luxe Premium by Jovian Reviewed by Editor S on February 23, 2018 Rating: 5
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