Top 3 Mid Year Trendy Sunglasses

Small and retro. Those are the concepts you need to take into consideration when you are shopping for a pair of new sunnies this year, simple but unique, "Think you wouldn't expect yourself to ever be caught dead innit" and voila; that's exactly the pair you need to stay in trend.

(Pic credit: Neelofa's Instagram)

After familiarizing myself in the industry, attending events and building my network, I'm more aware of what the trendiest socialites are up to. Be it internationally or our own homegrown celebrities, we tend to catch on quick it seems. So there's no need to wait for TMZ to post what Gigi Hadid or the Kardashian sisters are wearing this season, just look out locally! Or you can bookmark StyleGuru on your browser to be the most fashionable person on streets of Kuala Lumpur ;)

Take our very own Malaysian sweetheart, Scha Al-Yahya, who has garnered more than 4 million followers on Instagram for example. Her sense of style is effortless yet worthy of high fashion. You can check her out if you are into more humbled but trendy looks.

And if you can't decide on some great jewellery to go with your outfit, then let your sunglasses be the only accessory you bring along.

With May fast approaching, my Instagram feed is a buzz of summer styles. So without a doubt, I began making some mental self-styling of how I would wear these sunnies with my outfits and honestly,  I found myself loving the idea of retro frames on me. My concerns, at first, were always whether my head's too big or the shape was just not up to society's standards. Also how do I coordinate with my scarf etc..

But alas, I told myself at the beginning of the year of how I would learn and try to push those "backdoor voices" out once and for all. You don't need to worry about whether a certain frame will be "too much" for you, the concept today is: the more confident you are wearing the look, the better!

So here are the top three quirky but trendy sunglasses that has made it this far in 2018:

1. Retro Cat Eyes / Small Cat Eye Sunglasses
If you look into the mirror and you find your face shape to be rather squarely or oval, then it's time to embrace it and start collecting a few pairs of this retro cat-eyes sunnies cause not only would it accentuate your features but it would also make you look like a young stylish professional!

Instagram model Arinna Erin knowing exactly how to pull it off!

2. Retro Oval Sunglasses
This is a tough one but after noticing a few looks that have been done with this pair, I believe just about any Asian face-shape can pull this frame off! I can't quite put my fingers down as to why I a have  love-hate relationship with this Kurt Cobain inspired retro oval sunnies but when I see someone using it, I think "oh what was she thinking" but then I find myself still double-tapping on Instagram for more.

Rocking an almost similar pair is Kendall Jenner herself!

3. Doris 2.0 Sunglasses
If you have a petite face, then you must always choose narrow and small frames. This Doris 2.0 shades will fit well with any of your looks from this day onwards!

The breathtaking Gigi Hadid doing no wrong.
I can't predict just yet for the upcoming months, but I reckon the small and retro feels are here to stay and isn't going anywhere for a long while!

As ever,
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