8 Of The Most Luxurious Mooncake Offerings in Kuala Lumpur, Mid-Autumn 2019

As mid-autumn festival approaches, restaurants and hotels are dishing out some fabulously premium offerings this season. From traditional Lotus Paste cakes to exotic handcrafted champagne Snow Skin delights, that come in exquisitely designed box sets. We have selected 8 of the most luxurious and sumptuous mooncake offerings in Kuala Lumpur this 2019. 

Pullman KLCC
Indulge in luxurious mid-autumn treats, specially created by Red Chinese Cuisine at Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel & Residences. This year, they are featuring both traditionally baked and signature snow skin flavours housed in a beautiful glass box that makes a great gift, as well reusing it to store your own trinkets.

Flavors to choose from, White lotus paste and single egg yolk, Bamboo charcoal paste with macadamia nut and raisin, Five-variety nuts with dried longan and osmanthus, Snow skin with cardamon, Rum and raisin, Snow skin with roselle and strawberry paste, Snow skin with matcha green tea and red bean omochi , Snow skin with sweet potato and mung bean paste. These decadent treasures are available to order from now until 13 September 2019 @PullmanKLCC

W Kuala Lumpur 
Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival in a fashionable way with W Kuala Lumpur and local fashion maven Melinda Looi, for a mooncake set that is functional, trendy and tasty all at the same time. The set of 4 mooncakes of your choice comes with a luminous translucent square pouch that is generously sizable, a packet of candles, a paper lantern, a little booklet with stories of the Mid-Autumn traditions and of course, an opalescent tote bag that you can parade around in all its holographic glory. 

Flavors to choose from , White lotus seed paste with single olk, Red bean paste with aged mandarin skin, Yellow lotus seed paste with double yolk, Assorted nuts with dried fruit, Pandan lotus seed paste with single yolk, Almond sesame white lotus seed paste. Mooncakes will be available for purchase from 1 Aug till 12 September 2019. @WKualaLumpur

Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur 
Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur is offering an ensemble of traditional baked mooncakes, featuring all-time signature flavors blending with seasonal produces to give these oriental delicacies a local twist. And all mooncakes are individually sealed and encased in a premium designed box, making it a perfect gift for this celebrated occasion. 

Flavors to choose from,  Lotus paste with single egg yolk, Yam lotus paste and single egg yolk, Assorted nuts & sun dried fruits, Lotus paste, White lotus paste, Pandan lotus paste, Red bean paste. Enjoy an early bird offer of 15% discount on purchase from 12 to 25 Aug 2019. @PavilionHotelKualaLumpur

Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Celebrate this 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival by gifting specially handcrafted mooncakes by pastry chefs at Yun House, to love ones. Choose from an array of homemade delights with heavenly crusts and luxurious fillings be it baked or snow skin mooncakes or even the exclusive lotus seed paste with 8 egg yolks mooncake.

Flavors to choose from, Tea and osmanthus with lotus seed paste, Traditional Assorted nuts, Lotus seed paste with double yolk, White lotus seed paste, Pandan lotus paste with single yolk, Black sesame with lotus paste, Charcoal lava snow skin , Homemade snow skin blueberry chocolate, Snow skin pandan with bird's nest, Lotus seed paste with 8 egg yolks. Available now until September 13, 2019 @FourseasonKL

The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur
St Regis Kuala Lumpur has partnered with Swarovski to design a limited edition Swarovski Super Mooncake Trunk to celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival. The limited edition trunk is embellished with 307 Austrian Golden Shadow crystals, making it a first and one-of-its-kind in South East Asia. Also it comes with three designs - Classic Trunk of four, Super Mooncake Trunk and the limited edition Swarovski Super Mooncake Trunk to fit The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur's traditional mooncakes.

Choose from, Classic trunk lotus seed paste single yolk, Super mooncake trunk 6.5" Prosperity mooncake with eight yolks, Limited edition super Mooncake trunk Embellished with Swarovski crystals 6.5" Prospersity Mooncake with Eight Yolks. Available form now till mid September @StRegisKL

Sheraton Petaling Jaya
Dive in to some delicious treasures of  this mid-autumn festival to celebrate unity and togetherness with friends and family..From a selection of 4 traditionally baked mooncakes  placed in exclusive boxes that feature elements of Swan Crystal, Swan Pearl, Butterfly and Rainbow Stones.  That come in flavors of, Pandan lotus with single yolk, Red bean with melon seed, Tiramisu paste with walnut , White lotus with single yolk. Available from now until September 13, 2019. @SheratonPJ

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur
Now here's something a little different, you can head down to THIRTY8 at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur for their delectable mid-autumn inspired afternoon tea set. The afternoon tea set features Pandan bird's nest drink, smoked duck, mid-autumn inspired dumplings (chestnut, pumpkin, taro), deep-fried wontons, pomelo seasonal fruit platter, and THIRTY8's afternoon tea staples. Alongside with that, it comes with Asia's finest premium tea - JING tea (Pu-erh) for a complete mid-autumn afternoon tea experience. Available for a limited time of five days from September 10th  to 13th, 2019 at RM 128 nett per person. @GrandHyattKL
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