Prada Fall/ Winter 2019 - Anatomy of Romance

One thing we love about the Prada Fall/Winter 2019 collection is that new romance in its aesthetic gestures. Between lace, flowers, hearts, fairy-tale capes, glittery red shoes and deepen with the tropes of utilitarianism uniforms, puffers, cargo details and backpacks. It pretty difficult not to love the mishmash of soft and deep romance in the collection.

Like a video game, the audience inhabits the viewpoint of an active participant in an unfolding story. Throughout, actuality merges with the fantastical: flowers melt into impressionist blurs, we move at seemingly impossible speed and our vision spins, seamlessly, through 360-degrees. Shifting from the foliage-punctuated concrete to a mysterious laboratorium - as if pulling back the curtains on the inner machinations that can create such a surreal scene - the figures become literally electrified.

The women's collection is mix of flowery hues to deep dark grey's and blacks overall the vivid presentation is something for the season but in reality the shoes may not be for everyone. For More on the collection visit @Prada
Prada Fall/ Winter 2019 - Anatomy of Romance Prada Fall/ Winter 2019 - Anatomy of Romance Reviewed by Editor S on August 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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