CASCADE' Resort 2022 Collection #Alia Bastamam


Time to start planning for a beach holiday while you still can - Alia Bastamam latest 'CASCADE' Resort 2022 collection is the wardrobe you need. 

The resort-centric style collection that not only exudes ease but also highlights feminine sensuality and confidence. What makes this line so special is that, it essentially celebrates the flow of the brand, the journey, the highs and lows, everything that shaped Alia and her true resort aesthetics in its 10th edition.  

Curated from the designer's best silhouettes through the years which includes the breezy boleros, ruffles skirts that dance with you and kaftans that trail to make heads turn. Basically in the CASCADE collection, you'll find a mix of ensembles that yearn for a hidden island getaway, private parties, invite-only fashion events and more. 

“When I think ‘CASCADE’, I think of a woman’s curves,” an observation Alia makes when asked. “Soft fabric cascading over her curves, streaming as she walks, liquid, fluid, flowing like water - I can keep going! ‘CASCADE’ is by far one of my sexiest, most womanly collections and she’s an extremely confident woman. Because that’s what I want for all women - I want them to be confident and most importantly, real and unapologetic!”

Available at the Alia Bastamam Showroom and online @AliaBastamam

CASCADE' Resort 2022 Collection #Alia Bastamam  CASCADE' Resort 2022 Collection #Alia Bastamam Reviewed by Editor S on January 04, 2022 Rating: 5

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